littleBits Electronics

A Connected Internet of Things Platform

» Consumer Hardware/Software Products

Colin was part of the founding team of modular electronics platform littleBits, and as VP Software he designed, architected, built and launched a consumer Internet of Things (IoT) Platform, the littleBits CloudBit. Since littleBits is an analog electronics system, we needed to design the connection from analog to digital, from physical to virtual; and then keep the incredible ease of use “snapping it together” while extending from APIs to web and mobile apps.

He also ran all web & mobile technology from marketing and ecommerce to user community platform while building the digital team from 1 to 20 people as the company grew over 3 funding rounds.

Parkwood Entertainment

Beyoncé Digital

» Popular Culture

Beyoncé’s 2016/2017 strategy included revamping her exec and digital team at Parkwood Entertainment, including bringing us in for some new blood and fresh ideas to consult on her core website and sites from her growing stable of protégés such as Chloe and Halle.

NDA prevents us from saying much here, but suffice to say we were thrilled to be able to help the Queen Bey.

General Assembly

Designing Professional Curriculum

» Professional Education

Beyond being a visionary UX designer, Céline has also been instructing others for many years. She worked with General Assembly to design the curriculum for their UX intensive and corporate workshop courses, as well as teaching the sessions for a number of rounds to refine and perfect the courses.

She taught teams at Condé Nast, Vogue, Trip Advisor Europe and many others.

La Chambre des Notaires du Québec

Humanizing Government Workflow

» Government

In Québec, notaries perform many important functions that are reserved for lawyers in the US; all matters related to family law, real estate law, and successions and testament law. The Chambre des Notaires is the oldest professional association in Québec and provides the administrative structure for all notaries in Québec to perform and organize their legal work.

Céline completely redesigned their internal intranet and member tools platform, «Inforoute Notariale», from the perspective of organizational and process design, human-centered usability, information architecture, branding and visual design.